House Spirit Fortnight

Inheriting the iconic House System of Harrow London, we are also making the ‘House’ central to the sense of community and atmosphere here at Harrow Shenzhen.

Over the recent fortnight, all students from Year 1 to Year 9 have been participating in an exciting programme of after school House competitions, called the House Spirit Fortnight.

Decorating House Boards

During the first week of school, students have been decorating their tutor boards all week to see which house has the most creative flair! Some tutor groups have chosen to decorate using their house colours, or to decorate in honour of their house namesakes. Creative ‘designers’ made the best out of their talents, in the hope of winning.

Cup Stacking Championships

The most bizarre competition of the fortnight is the cup stacking championships! Students race to see who is the fastest in their house to place cups on top of each other in order to reach the finals. The fastest students then compete against each other in order to crown the winner! With a good master of focus, rapid reaction, coordination of hands and eyes, this stacking cup race becomes both intense and exciting.

Dance off – Harrow’s Got Talent!

Each house is given 30 minutes to create an original choreography to a song in order to perform it in front of their year group. We have seen some very elaborate, flamboyant movements, and members of staff have even been getting involved!

Online House Crest Competition

During the online learning period, Upper School students were also challenged to create a crest that represent their tutor group and pastoral house. House identity and belonging is very important at Harrow Shenzhen and we are delighted at the efforts these students have made. Take a look at some of the top scoring entries as voted by the judges.

House Singing Competition

Harrow Shenzhen kicked off our very first House Competition Fortnight on The Opening Day. The final competition of the fortnight is a house singing competition. Each house has chosen a classic Disney song to perform on the final evening of the competition. With a week to learn lyrics, harmonies and the correct pitch, students of all ages will work together to showcase the best voices in their house.

The Harrow values of courage, humility, honour and fellowship are put to test as students across all year groups worked together in order to compete throughout the House Spirit Fortnight. Let us look forward to the finale next week and to more highlights of our students during their journey with us at Harrow Shenzhen. Stet Fortuna Domus!

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