The School

Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership

We proudly look to the 450-year-old Harrow School in the UK for guiding principles, placing our four long-held Values at the very heart of our own educational ethos.

We believe the Core Values are central to the resounding success of our namesake UK School, having produced leaders and renowned thinkers. As such, Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship anchor our holistic educational approach that focuses on individualised student care and support. Among the ways in which the Values are instilled is through the House System, a central aspect of our holistic approach. In addition, the acquisition of leadership attributes further shapes the attitudes and behaviours of students.

Our respect for tradition is balanced by innovation. We are forward-looking and rise to the challenge of creating new unique educational offerings. Our progressive teaching methodologies, distinctive curricula designed for each type of school, and other initiatives such as proprietary teacher training, have placed us at the forefront of educational excellence.

All of this is done to lift students from being very good to being outstanding all-rounded individuals possessing strength of character to excel in a rapidly changing world. We invest in them, optimising their lifelong learning interests and leadership potential, preparing them for a high-achieving future that includes serving the wider community. We trust that every graduate will provide leadership in all their endeavours.

In summary, we offer an education that benefits graduates for life as a result of a solid foundation that honours the Harrow School’s Values and heritage and is bolstered by innovative approaches. With this forward-looking education, our graduates are well equipped to become tomorrow’s leaders.


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