Boarding opening | Welcome to Harrow Shenzhen boarding

"Being a Boarder is the best way to become a true Harrovian"

To start with the New Year
Harrow Shenzhen welcomed
our first boarders
to the brand-new boarding houses
Excitement shown on their faces
Our boarding students started
their unique boarding journey
Let them show you
what it is like as a boarder at Harrow!

First arrival at the boarding house

On 3rd January, carrying their luggage, our boarding students returned to school after the winter holiday. From here, they will seize the opportunities to become independent, disciplined and self-sufficient individuals.

To make sure that our boarders feel welcomed and well-supported, since this is the first time in many of their lives living independently, our House Masters and Mistresses (HMs) spent their holidays preparing for this day. Warm and friendly decorations, carefully selected welcome gifts, tasty snacks… everything was set up beforehand and well-guided.

Unpacking, settling in, decorating – our little boarders showed much affection to their cozy living spaces.

After everybody settled, HMs held an orientation meeting for the new borders. Listening carefully, boarding Harrovians were excited about the boarding life.

Let us mark this special moment. We are neighbors, peers and good companions along this exciting, challenging and rewarding journey at Harrow.  

A day as a boarder

There are two boarding houses at Harrow Shenzhen – The Park for boys and The Grove for girls. This is a safe environment where students can develop independence and leadership through opportunities and mutual respect.

Daily routine
at Harrow boarding

Boarders will be woken by HMs at 6:30 every day and be expected to wash and dress themselves ready for school. They leave the boarding house by 7:10.

A healthy diet is crucial for the physical body and an energic day for our students. Menus prepared at school are carefully designed and well-balanced.

Playing is as important as learning and working. Students return to the boarding house at 16:00 and are allowed time for various sports, board games and chill.

Nutritious meals and fruits are provided daily. Different options are offered to cater for an international environment and vegetarians.

All boarders will have supervised study time either in the shared spaces or the new boarding study hub from Sunday to Thursday.

A good night’s sleep is vital for the human well-being. We have scheduled sleeping hours for our students according to their age difference. All electronic devices are required to be handed in to the HMs on duty. 

Guardians of the boarding houses

The HMs at Harrow Shenzhen Boarding are committed to the protection and safeguarding of the young boarders.

This fantastic team aims to make boarders feel at home and build structures and routines to help them reach their fullest potential while at Harrow Shenzhen. Come and meet with them now!

Security and safety are taken very seriously in the boarding house. We have security guards on all exits to the boarding house and electronic ‘face recognition’ barriers in key places. Furthermore, CCTV covers the whole boarding house to give peace of mind. All staff are trained in safeguarding and are experienced teachers with first aid training. 

A fruitful experience at Harrow boarding

Moving into the boarding house can be an overwhelming change for some students. Yet, boarders are able to develop independence within a controlled and safe environment.

They learn the importance of being responsible for their own actions and gain essential independent living skills. Boarders will have to tidy up after themselves, manage their time and energy, choose what activities to partake it and more.

They learn how to cope with life and all its many highs and low points, within a community of your peers who are going through the same experiences, but under the watchful eye of a Housemaster and boarding staff, all of whom are academic staff and expert teachers. 

Throughout all this
what boarding school students
remember the most
are usually the wonderful times
with their friends and classmates.
Boarding school is not just a school,
it is a community.
The shared communal experiences
of boarding life produce friendships
that are deeper and more meaningful,
strong bonds unlike any other.

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