New Year, New Beginning. With best wishes for a Happy New Year in 2022

As we close the books on 
one year and begin another, 
we would like to take this opportunity to 
wish you a very happy New Year in 2022 
and talk a little bit about the year that lies ahead.

Time flies as the seasons flow. With many accomplishments we have made in 2021, we are about to embark on a new journey in 2022. The year 2022 will be a truly remarkable one for Shenzhen Harrovians. This year marks the second year of the establishment of Harrow Shenzhen and the 450th anniversary of Harrow School London. 

In the context of the 450 years Harrow School London has been through, the  two years of Harrow Shenzhen is a drop in the ocean. A famous Chinese Proverb says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The foundations we have laid in the previous year will add on to the rich traditions and fame of Harrow. We are immensely proud, and equally sensible to keep on working hard to make our School truly great. 

In 2022, we will continue in our effort to take Harrow Shenzhen to the next level focusing on academic excellence, sports, leadership & service activities, expeditions and trips, charity programmes, and House competition and events.

 GOODBYE 2021, HELLO 2022 

 Academic Excellence

Our respect for tradition is balanced by innovation. We are forward-looking and rise to the challenge of creating new unique educational offerings. Our progressive teaching methodologies, distinctive curricula designed for each type of school, and other initiatives such as proprietary teacher training, have placed us at the forefront of educational excellence. New year new challenge. Harrow Shenzhen continues to provide rigour and challenges, students think deeply and critically, developing independence, understanding of alternate perspective and metacognition. Students are empowered to take risks and act creatively to solve problems.

We will offer a rigorous Six Form Program in 2022, preparing students for the best universities around the globe. Students are expected to work diligently towards their goal of reaching their first-choice university. The students are expertly supported in their university applications by tutors, the Head of Sixth Form and a specialist University Counsellor. Those applying to elite universities (Oxbridge and Ivy League) will have specialist support from the Head of Sixth Form and the University Counsellor. 

Holistic Education & Wúxiàn (Limitless)  Programme

Harrow Shenzhen will continue to provide the Wúxiàn (Limitless)  Programme with more than 120 activities in the new year. The Wúxiàn (Limitless)  Programme ensures the opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership and service within a variety of settings. It aims to provide the students the opportunities to, develop a breadth of practical, interpersonal and transferable skills to thereby enrich their curriculum and help them to acquire and hone the leadership attributes required to traverse our everchanging and complex world with confidence and resilience.

Sports & Charity Programme

Sports is an integral part of Harrow’s Holistic Education. Many classic sports have been created and inherited in Harrow’s 450 year history. The Long Ducker  is one of the traditional events. While encouraging physical health with the athletic spirit and the purpose of establishing charity projects for local community, the Long Ducker reflects Harrow’s core values and leadership traits. 

International Awards

Harrow Shenzhen is providing our students from Year 9 upnwards the chance to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, which is highly recognised by employers and educational institutions worldwide. Participation in the Award will provide students with an opportunity to achieve Bronze, Silver, and Gold level awards. To complete the award, students should commit to a series of activities over an eight-month period. These activities can be completed within school and in the community. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award helps develop a student’s lifelong learning and self-motivation through the completion of the challenges. These challenges allow students to discover the world around them through learning new skills and taking part in experiences that will help build them as independent young people.


Harrow Shenzhen will continue to provide STEAM education and the Super curriculum which are the important parts that make up the education experience. The former uses interdisciplinary, project-based, and exploratory learning methods to develop children’s comprehensive strengths, whilst the Super Curriculum is dedicated to getting children out of the classroom and training their comprehensive practical skills. We look forward to Innovation Week in 2022.

Harrow’s 450-Year Anniversary

In 2022 we will celebrate the 450th anniversary of Harrow School London, which is also the 25th year of the Asia International School Limited (AISL) providing excellent K-12 education in Asia.  As one of the most popular Harrow International Schools,  Harrow Shenzhen was selected to work in collaboration with Harrow Hong Kong on a concert to celebrate the value of music within Harrow in a collaborative way across all the schools culminating in prestigious concert experiences in HK and SZ in June 2022. Please stay tuned with us.

Scholarship Programme

In addition to carrying out various wonderful and interesting activities, Harrow Shenzhen offers scholarships to the brightest and most gifted applicants to the school. We believe this will support, nurture and challenge their talent, their academic prowess and their dedication. We believe that Scholars will be role models and ambassadors that inspire other students and in so doing, will enhance and enrich the education and development of the school community. The awarding of Scholarships reflects our commitment to academic excellence and personal development, as well as the importance of leadership and being part of a community in which everyone thrives. The award is much more than a financial remission. It is a personalized programme that works with the most able and talented students to better not only themselves but also those around them.

Educational Excellence 

We have witnessed the great value of a Harrow education in which building honour, courage, humility, and fellowship are values we believe in. All of this is done to lift students from being very good to being outstanding all-rounded individuals possessing strength of character to excel in a rapidly changing world. With this forward-looking education, our graduates are well equipped to become tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s go forward to make a bright future.

Wish you a very Happy New Year, 
and Hu Hu Sheng Wei!

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