Harrow Shenzhen Scholarships Programme Open, Welcome to apply!

Asia International School Limited (AISL), renowned for its 25-year educational excellence in Asia, announced the official launch of AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme Y2022/24, marking the second year of the most prestigious – and most generous – award available across the AISL Harrow family.

First launched in early 2021, the Scholarships received an overwhelming global response. Five successful applicants were selected and have joined the AISL Harrow Schools in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong since September 2021. 

Name Nationality School Enrolled
Hong Kong
Harrow Hong Kong
Harrow Hong Kong
Yi Sum
Harrow Shanghai
Harrow Shanghai
Harrow Beijing

2-year A-Level scholarships
2 scholarships places available

Moving into the second year, the Scholarships will provide exceptionally gifted students who are not currently enrolled in an AISL Harrow School.

Awardees of the AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme Y2022/24 can enjoy world-class educational resources and a global alumni network. 

Holding the same high standard as that of Harrow School in the UK, Harrow Shenzhen ensures students excel academically and personally through a highly qualified teaching team, a rich selection of co-curricular activities and super curriculum, as well as pastoral care and close personal tutoring. 

In 2021, 77% of AISL Harrow Schools graduates achieved A*-A at A-Level examinations. While many schools adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to university guidance, all AISL Harrow Schools have a dedicated university admission and care guidance centre. Specialist tutors support each student’s application process, giving individualised assistance and expert counselling.

Apply now

Application Process

15th October 2021 to 
10th December 2021

Applicants can visit https://www.harrowschools.com/aisl-harrow-scholarships/ or scan the QR code for more details and to register interest. Applications close at 4:00 pm 10th December, 2021 (GMT+8).

Applicants will be required to take A- Level assessment tests from 8th January, 2022, to 27th January, 2022 and be interviewed online from 29th January, 2022, to 24th February, 2022. The final application results will be officially announced on 29th March, 2022.


1 Completion of GCSE/IGCSE (or equivalent) studies before 1st August, 2022, with a prediction of outstanding grades.

2 Born between 1st September, 2005 and 31st August, 2006.

3 Be applying for Year 12 study commencing August 2022, with graduation in June 2024.

4 Will be enrolled as a full boarding student for the two-year scholarship period. Where boarding is not available, alternative arrangements can be discussed with the relevant AISL Harrow School.

5 Outstanding academic performance, supported by a great English command

6 Eligibility for a student visa in the country of the relevant AISL Harrow School.

7 Not currently enrolled in any AISL Harrow School.

Selection Criteria

1 Academic performance at the top of the upper quartile of the Participating AISL Harrow School applied to, based on entrance tests, subject-specific tests, previous academic results, references, and interviews with senior staff.

Sufficient English language ability to fully access the course content of their chosen A-Level subjects. 

3 Proven capability in and a strong commitment to sports, creative and performing arts, community services or other areas of co-curricular activities.

Experience in leadership roles, positions of responsibility or commitment to community services. 

Now Open for Application!
Interested in knowing more about personalised university preparation and information about A Level?
Apply for our Harrow Shenzhen 
Sixth Form now!
Application deadline:
14th November

Sixth Form (Year 12 to 13) at Harrow Shenzhen provides students with a unique environment specifically designed to support individual personal development. It provides an academically rigorous curriculum and a tailored pastoral programme and promotes authentic leadership and service opportunities encouraging students to be independent and reach their full potential. 

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