Harrow Shenzhen had won many awards on 2021 Forbes China International Education Forum

On 28 May, the “2021 Forbes China International Education Forum” came to an end. Well-known scholars, educators and leaders in various fields from the education industry gathered together and conducted an education forum to discuss current spotlights of international education. The annual ranking of the international schools was also released at the Forum.

Harrow Shenzhen has received one of the 2021 Forbes China Outstanding International Schools Award. Mr David Shinkfield, Head of Harrow Shenzhen has received the 2021 Forbes China Top 10 Outstanding International School Headmasters Award and Mr Kevin Qian, Chinese Principal of Harrow Shenzhen has received the 2021 Forbes China Top 10 Up-and-Coming International School Headmasters Award. Mr Qian was invited to the Forum and has collected the various awards on behalf of the school.

Forbes China has officially announced the 2021 International School Annual Ranking. This is a selection of the top 100 international schools in China with the most comprehensive strengths.

This is the first time that Forbes China has published the ranking list of international schools in China,based on a comprehensive evaluation of the financial strengths, school facilities and infrastructure, graduation rate, teaching staff qualifications, school characteristics, social reputation and so on. The list covers the top 100 international schools across north, east, central and south China.

We are very pleased to announce that Harrow Shenzhen has been ranked No.21 in China and 2nd in Shenzhen. This is an excellent result for such a young school.

Harrow Shenzhen has been recognised by the Forbes China International School Ranking, and in less than a year since it opened, was presented with one of the 2021 Forbes China Outstanding International Schools Awards.

This award is inseparable from the concept of “holistic education” held by Harrow Shenzhen: Harrow Shenzhen is an inclusive and diverse family, committed to making every student feel respected, accepted and cared for. The high-quality education we provide will help students to be well-rounded physically, mentally and spiritually. At Harrow Shenzhen, students are not only expected to experience academic rigour but also to practise happy learning

– Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership.

2021 Forbes China Top 10 Outstanding International School

David Shinkfield
Head Master

There are many aspects of our young school that make me immensely proud.

I am often asked “What makes a Great School?”. Whilst it might be tempting to list things like exam results, facilities, famous alumni, for me the answer is always “People”- The people in the School are what makes it great.

Staff, students and parents working in partnership with the sole aim of providing the very best learning and development environment. As of right now, this is also the thing I am most proud about – the manner which the people in our school have come together so quickly, as a new school, and forged such strong and positive relationships, and the focus we all have on creating the very best environment for our students.

Kevin Qian
Chinese Principle 

2021 Forbes China Top 10 Up-and-Coming International School Headmasters Award

On the one hand, the school should support students to be ready for the future, academic-wise and society-wise, so that they are not only college and career ready but also life ready.

On the other hand, the school should help to shape our society. Students will be the key players in the future and while they are learning about our current world, they should also think ahead about how to improve it and be leaders for a better future, under the guidance and support of the school.

Whilst being influenced by the current world, the educators and school should also inspire the world to make positive changes. As the modern Chinese educator Mr Yuanpei Cai said, “Only with good education, can a good person be nurtured, only then can a good society be developed. Fundamentally, education is about moral education, through teaching and learning. Both teachers and students should become better people which will help to form a better world.

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