Christmas performance performed by Harrow Shenzhen’ lovely students.

Hi, This is the Christmas performance performed by Harrow Shenzhen’ lovely students.

During this festive season,
the whole Harrow Shenzhen community
have done a lot to celebrate.
On the 8th day of Christmas,
Early Years, Key stage 1 
and Year 3 students
told us a story about Ralph the Reindeer,
through acting, singing and dancing.

We Shine Bright on Stage


Elves in the winter wonderland sang a song about snowflakes.


The Nursery told us a story about Santa through singing and dancing.


The Reception dressed up as wood elves who built toys in the workshops for Christmas and sang Tapping Away.

Year 1: 1AH

Students from 1AH performed the Sniff Snuff Song. Oh no, disaster struck. Poor Rudolph had a cold, leaving Santa with nobody to pull his sleigh along.

Year 2:2AO

That was, until Ralph the reindeer turned up... Eager for work and keen to help, Ralph ensured that preparations for Christmas Eve continue. But it was not until the sleigh was laden with presents and ready to go that they all discovered Ralph couldn't fly!

Year 1:1LK

Luckily, angels from class 1LK appeared and they prayed for Rudolph to get well again soon.

Year 1:1AY

Thanks to the angels' prayers, Rudolph recovered in time. How Ralph and Rudolph were going to solve the problem together and save the day with Santa? Little stars from 1AY had the answer!

Year 2:2HB

And it was Christmas! Trees and animals in the wood were all celebrating merrily.

Year 3

Year 3 dressed up as Christmas trees and sang O Christmas Tree/O Tannenbaum and Jingle Bells.

Merry Christmas from All to All

Before the end of the shows, all Early Years up to Years 3 teachers and students stood up and turned to the audience and sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas in both English and Chinese, sending their most genuine wishes to the whole Harrow Shenzhen community.

So much progress we have made during the 2nd year at Harrow Shenzhen. We wouldn’t have had such an amazing Christmas performance without the hard work and effort of all students, staff and parents. 

The performance is now available online, you could scan the QR code in the poster to watch in high resolution. 

▲Scan the QR code to watch

We look forward to composing
more warm and lovely stories  for this winter.
Harrow Shenzhen wishes you a very jolly December.

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