Harrow Shenzhen offers a wide and diverse range of activities which generally take place between 15:00 and 16:00 every day. Pupils from Year 1 upwards are expected to participate in a minimum of two activity sessions per week (boarders need to do four). Activities are geared toward the acquisition of motor skills for younger pupils with sporting and thinking activities both inside and outside of the classroom and we continue this development as pupils participate in sports teams and other activities in the Upper School. There are well over 50 different activities per season for pupils to choose from which includes a range of activities from sporting, music and performance, to STEM, creativity and community service. Activities vary according to the season and an up-to-date list is published in the weeks before pupils sign up online for the season.

In order to complete the Leadership & Service Curriculum, we would encourage students to participate in a range of activities across the academic year.

Activity Requirements per school year:

Details of activity allocation
Years 1 - 2
Must choose a minimum of 2 activities (no more is advised)
Years 3 - 5
Must choose a minimum of 2 activities per week but no maximum
Years 6 – 9
Must choose between 2 and 4 activities per week but no maximum
Years 5 - 9
Must choose a minimum of 4 activities per week (no maximum)

Activity Seasons (2020-21)

Season 1:
14th September - 23rd October (Lite Activity Season: LAMDA classes, after school House competitions and team building)
Season 2:
2nd November - 11th December
Season 3:
4th January - 5th March
Season 4:
15th March - 30th April
Season 5:
10th May - 18th June